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Start saving £100s each year!

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Update on Cat Vaccines

There is a nationwide shortage of cat vaccinations caused by high demand due to rising numbers of cats and other pressure on production and supply.

Some providers have already completely run out of stock, and our own has restricted their remaining stock and allocated what is remaining to practices until supply should be sufficient in the new year.

We will have only a small fraction of our usual stock and so we are prioritising use as follows:

🔹️ 1st year booster vaccinations will be done when due

🔹️ 1st and 2nd vaccines in kittens should be delayed if possible but we will carry these out if they are due to go out before supply resumes.

🔹️ Other boosters will be done between 2-3 months after their due date in line with guidance from the manufacturer.

We will keep you updated as we receive any further information.

If lack of supply means a vaccine course must be restarted, we will only charge the cost of the vaccine vials. We will cover the cost of all clinic time and materials.

Please be polite to our staff, these are unprecedented times and it is out of our control. We will be contacting those affected who have appointments, please attend your appointments as planned unless we arrange otherwise.

Thank you for your patience

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